Aluminum folding door with steel reinforcement Type-100

Project Description

The newly built house shown in the photos, had openable windows aluminum double wing leafs and exterior shutters hinged double sash windows and balcony doors quatrefoil.

The owner of the house wanted to lock around all windows, selecting electrostatic paint Ral with the same code that was dyed existing frames.

Applied to doors or swinging gate aluminum profiles and internal reinforcement steel, code T100 and windows has been applied with removable safety bar code with T80. The collapsible gates Aluminium (T100) placed between the leafs and the shutter is single sash and occupy during their opening 23% of the width of the frame.

Windows are removable bars (T80) applied also placed in the space between the leafs and shutters while having the advantage that at any time the owner may remove it for any reason.

Important in this case is that the upper floor, where windows were sleeping and was feared by owners lest their toddlers approach the windows. The gap from bar to bar (12cm) does not allow the passage so that was better for the owners and their choice in the placement of the product in all the windows of the house.