Project Description

Fixed Security Bars at main entrance Type T70

In this specific case the main entrance of a residence had two sides with fixed windows, right and left, which were exposed in case of possibly, breaking them and burglary.

The chosen solution was with the fixed safety bars T-70 type and reinforcement from a special traverse column. The choice of colour was at a shade of brown Ral, to match the wood traverse columns of the sidewall fixed parts of the main entrance, while the installation of security bars was vertical over the entire height of the door sides.

Due to the large height, the bars were reinforced with a special traverse column to avoid bending in case of attempted intrusions. The bars were installed by passing them transversely through the aid of the middle traverse column and to the two side elements of the main entrance door.

Wherever the bars are positioned vertically having a dimension greater than 1.5 meters, then the use of a reinforcement traverse column to prevent the bending of the bars is necessary.

For the case of bending the bending arrow up to the dimension of 1.5 meters is safe and from then on, a strengthening of the horizontal traverse column has to be used in the vertical or horizontal placement of the bars.

This specific installation case was described as a special construction due to the customer’s needs. In any case, our project technicians carefully reflect the actual dimensions and specific characteristics of each project. We are based on the satisfaction of our customers’ needs and the most appropriate method of securing the frame is selected, even in non-conventional installations. The cost of special constructions does not particularly deviate from the standard installations, so that the customer can request that specific installation he needs, without high charges, due to the difficult installation and deviation from the standard options.