Project Description

Folding aluminium window with stainless steel metal elements T-120

The rust and fast decay of metal surfaces when they are near the sea and the high maintenance costs, after the purchase are the main reasons why the aluminium coated retractable stainless steel security system, with code T-120 Inox, was applied in this case of this photo.

The existing window had no blind or shade, because the owner of the house wanted to enjoy the natural environment, having unobstructed sea views. The appropriate solution proposed was that of a folding stainless steel security system with aluminium profiles (reinforced internally with steel), metal connection elements (for the scissors) and parts of stainless steel, so that no extra maintenance costs would be needed during their useful life.

The type T120 is a stainless steel product manufactured to meet these demands and requirements whether they are coastal areas, or areas that have high humidity, and corrode and rust metal surfaces.

Without maintenance costs, this is a product offering high security, this retractable system of aluminium profiles with stainless steel metal connection elements “scissors” and accessories, are the ideal solution of a product recommended to be installed in cases of coastal areas.