Folding Security Shutters Type-110

Project Description

The folding security shutters seen at the photo, were placed in an apartment’s kitchen to offer additional safety.

Its placement was done from the inside because there was no suitable place jamb of the frame. While this application even if the log is compromised and the leafs of frame – which are on the outside – the burglar will be found in the difficult position facing an additional safety system that will prevent him from breaching the doorway.

Its use is very easy, locks and unlocks with a special latch that secures the construction in two places. Collapsible and “picks” on the left of the frame and when opened fully occupies 7% of the width of the frame, the side gathered leaves the shutter.

This structure is closed when not allow visual contact from the outside inwards and vice versa, has been characterized as a design specific, and apart from the usual applications and shutters rolls commonly used in construction.