Project Description

Removable Safety Bars in a Door Type 60 Νew Product

Many times the need of the customer to secure, his house, office, business, etc., includes cases of existing frames such as wooden doors, armoured doors, aluminium doors, etc. that need extra security from the interior side of the door.

This need has created a new product: the removable bars behind the doors. With this option the door even if it gets broken, it will find “against” the bars that are placed behind the door.
In this particular installation we secured the apartment’s entrance door and the product was painted in the same door colour. It was installed from the inside putting it on the one side near the wall and on the other side we had to mount a special “heavy duty” metal fitting that was placed at the wall and on that, the side frame was installed.

The bars are mounted and removed with great ease, while they can get secure by special bolts applied in the side frame.

The cost of such a construction ranges from 100 to 200 Euros.