Project Description

Removable security bars with a key Type T80

In the case of this photo, it was installed to the windows of a one-storey house, which have access to the garden, this specific security system with removable bars.

This system allows for the removal of the bars for any reason (cleaning them, etc.) and their remounting, securing and locking them, with a safe-box type security key. The customer chose Ral powder coating grey colour in order to combine better with the existing windows.

These specific windows did not have any shutters and were at risk of burglary. The owner wanted to secure them, but also he wanted to be able to have visual contact with his garden, and to be able to remove at any time all the system. The removable bars allow this. They are particularly economic for the windows, while having a simple, practical and aesthetically beautiful result, matching the existing frames of this specific residence.