Fixed safety bars Type-70. Removable safety bars Type-80

Various security systems in a summer home.
In a two-storey country home in Spata (near Athens), the owner decided to install in the door of the living room, a Viometaloumin retractable security door with double blades of steel and in the window of the W.C., he decided for bars with Viometaloumin key. The advantage that in this house the air circulates freely, was exploited by the owner placing everywhere Viometaloumin products, so that in the summer he could sleep without air conditioning and with open windows.

Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100. Removable safety bars Type-80

Removable Security Bars coupled with retractable security gates.
Installation of a Viometaloumin system of removable security bars combined with retractable security grilles in some inner courtyard in a house in Neo Iraklio. Here we see how nicely they fit the Viometaloumin retractable security gates for doors installed on the balcony doors, with the security bars, having the ability to be removed whenever the owner wants to.

Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100. Removable safety bars Type-80-2

Folding and retractable security grilles and gates on doors and windows

Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100. Removable safety bars Type-80-4

The newly built house shown in the photos, had openable windows aluminum double wing leafs and exterior shutters hinged double sash windows and balcony doors quatrefoil.
The owner of the house wanted to lock around all windows, selecting electrostatic paint Ral with the same code that was dyed existing frames.
Applied to doors or swinging gate aluminum profiles and internal reinforcement steel, code T100 and windows has been applied with removable safety bar code with T80. The collapsible gates Aluminium (T100) placed between the leafs and the shutter is single sash and occupy during their opening 23% of the width of the frame.
Windows are removable bars (T80) applied also placed in the space between the leafs and shutters while having the advantage that at any time the owner may remove it for any reason.
Important in this case is that the upper floor, where windows were sleeping and was feared by owners lest their toddlers approach the windows. The gap from bar to bar (12cm) does not allow the passage so that was better for the owners and their choice in the placement of the product in all the windows of the house.

Removable safety bars Type-80 -8

In the case seen at the photo, a removable bars security system was applied to windows-story house with access to the garden.
This system allows the removal of barriers for any reason (cleaning, etc.) and reinsert and lock it with a key type security safe. The customer chose color-painted Ral in gray tint to be consistent with the existing windows.
These windows had no shutters and was at risk of violation, the owner wanted to insure them but also wanted to be able to have eye contact with the garden, and remove at any time of the system. Removable bars permit, it is particularly economical for windows, while having a modern and aesthetically beautiful result that matches the current case of frames of the house.

Removable safety bars Type-80-2

Safety bars in a traditional house
Viometaloumin removable security bars in a traditional house in Kifissia. The installation was done in a high-ceilinged house where the windows had a skylight on top. The installation was made by a qualified team of professionals, with excellent aesthetic results.

Removable safety bars Type-80-3

Often customer’s need to insure their private or business space etc. showcases frames such as wooden doors, armored doors, aluminum doors etc that need extra insurance from the inside of the door.
This need has created a new product, the removable bars behind doors. By selecting this door even if violated, will find resistance by the bars that are placed behind the door.
The particular application snaps apartment’s entrance door and the product was painted in the same color of the door and applied by being inserted in the one side wall and placed near the other side placed in the special metal fitting that was attached in the wall and in that applied to the side frame.
The bars fitted and removed with ease while their insurance done by special bolts applied in the side frame.
The cost of such applications range from 100 to 200 euros.

Removable safety bars Type-80. Safety shutters Type-110

Security Bars and Security Shutters in a one-family house
In between installation of a Viometaloumin removable security bar combined with Viometaloumin security shutters in a modern one-family house at Haidari. The owner combined in the same frame, the Viometaloumin security shutter type T110, with ventilation louvers, with removable security bars T80, so that during the summer he could open the window and the shutters and sleep safely.

Removable Security Bars with a key Type-80

Removable security bars in the showroom of Viometaloumin at 127, Amfithea Avenue, in Paleo Faliro

Removable safety bars Type-80

Removable Security Bars on a WC bathroom window
Outdoor installation of a Viometaloumin Removable Security Bar in a WC window in Heliopolis, Athens. The owner wanted to be able to wash and clean easily the glass of this window and decided to put Viometaloumin Removable Security Bars.

Removable safety bars Type-80 -2

Retractable security bars on windows in one-family home
Five independent systems with removable security bars were installed in a stone one-family house in the town of Agios Stefanos. The installation was made to a point directly accessible to burglars.
So the owner chose Viometaloumin security bars to be able to sleep with open windows.