Fixed safety bars Type-70-2

Fixed security bars on a three floor house
Security systems with fixed bars by Viometaloumin were installed in a three floor house in Nea Halkidona.
Even if a possible burglar could not access directly the windows, the owner chose to be secured with Viometaloumin safety bars because he had small children, since he was afraid that they could climb and fall.

Fixed safety bars Type-70-8

In this case the main entrance of the residence had two fixed windows, one on each side, which were exposed to breaches.
The solution of fixed security bars Type-70 was chosen along with support from special traverse. The color selection was in shades of brown-Ral to match the sleepers of wood fixed part of the side to the front door. The security bars were placed vertically throughout the height of the side of the door.
Due to large amount of bars, they were reinforced with special traverses to avoid any buckling in case of intrusions. The bars were applied by passing them across the traverse strengthening the median level and two side elements of the main door.
Whenever the bars are placed vertically with a dimension greater than 1,50 m the use of traverse is required in order to avoid buckling of bars.
The deflection by the dimension of 1,50 m is safe-for-buckling case and from then on used horizontal transom reinforcement in the vertical or horizontal placement of the bar.
The particular case of application is considered to be a special construction due to customer’s specific need. Our technicians meticulously depict actual sizes and characteristics for each project. Aiming at satisfying the need of customers choose the most appropriate method of locking frame, even in applications that are not common. The cost of special construction deviates highly from the standard necessary for the application so the customer has the option to request the application you need without high charges due to the application and deviation from the standard options.

Fixed safety bars Type-70.

Fixed security bars outside a glass pane that opens.
Installation of fixed security bars by Viometaloumin outside a glass pane that opens.
The owner wanted during the summer months to sleep with open windows. Thus, the more economic type T70 was chosen, since in this window he was not interested to be able to take out any of the bars.

Fixed safety bars Type-70. -2

Installation of a fixed security bar in a bedroom window.
Outdoor installation in a bedroom window of a fixed security bar by Viometaloumin in Thessaloniki by a certified Viometaloumin representative.

Fixed safety bars Type-70. -3

Security bars in a house.
Installation in an ethnic-style house in Anavissos of a security system with fixed security bars by Viometaloumin.

Fixed safety bars Type-70. -4

Systems with fixed security bars in a private one-family house
Placing three separate security systems by Viometaloumin with fixed security bars in a private one-family home.

Fixed safety bars Type-70. Folding safety from galvanized steel, aluminum coated Type-100

Fixed security bars on the kitchen window
Installation of a fixed security bar from Viometaloumin in a kitchen window next to a Viometaloumin security gate for a door in Brahati, Corinth.

Fixed safety bars Type-70. Removable safety bars Type-80

Various security systems in a summer home.
In a two-storey country home in Spata (near Athens), the owner decided to install in the door of the living room, a Viometaloumin retractable security door with double blades of steel and in the window of the W.C., he decided for bars with Viometaloumin key. The advantage that in this house the air circulates freely, was exploited by the owner placing everywhere Viometaloumin products, so that in the summer he could sleep without air conditioning and with open windows.

Fixed safety bars Type-70.-2

Fixed security bars protecting a skylight of a main entrance door.
Installation of a fixed security bar by Viometaloumin at a skylight in the main entrance of a house in Pagrati. On the top of a two-part security door with aluminum coating, the owner chose to place fixed bars by Viometaloumin type T-70, in order to completely shield the main entrance.

Fixed security bars on a house Type-70

Angular installation of four systems with fixed Viometaloumin security bars in Nea Penteli, Athens.

Fixed security bars Type – 70 installation on a big window

Fixed security bars Type – 70 installation on a big window