Folding Security Shutters type T110

The retractable security shutter of this photo was installed in the apartment’s kitchen, in order to provide for additional security and protection.
Its installation was from the inside because there was no suitable space in the jamb of the window frame. With this specific installation, even if a burglar broke the blind and the glass of the frame – which are located on the outside – the burglar would find himself in the difficult position to face an additional security system, which would definitely prevent him from finally breaking the window frame.
Its use is very easy, it locks and unlocks with a special latch, which locks the structure at two points. It collapses and “folds” on the left of the window frame and when it is fully opened, it occupies 7% of the width of the frame, on the side where the leaves of the shutters are gathered.
This particular construction when closed it does not allow any visual contact from the outside inwards and vice versa. It has a design characterized as very specific and is distinct from the conventional shutters, rolls and blinds commonly used in construction.

Removable safety bars Type-80. Safety shutters Type-110

Security Bars and Security Shutters in a one-family house
In between installation of a Viometaloumin removable security bar combined with Viometaloumin security shutters in a modern one-family house at Haidari. The owner combined in the same frame, the Viometaloumin security shutter type T110, with ventilation louvers, with removable security bars T80, so that during the summer he could open the window and the shutters and sleep safely.