Sécurité absolue – Esthétique absolue. La solution classiqueet intemporelle de la grille de sécurité extensible en aciergalvanisé massif revêtu d’une peinture électrostatique,offre sécurité aussi bien aux maisons et appartementsqu’aux magasins et aux bureaux. Elle constitue la solutionéconomique d’huisserie extensible, avec une épaisseur depose de 40 mm minimum en périmètre, un guide rapportéet possibilité de pivotement à 180 °.
Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90

Viometaloumin retractable security systems for mounting on a balcony door.
Installation on a balcony door of a Viometaloumin retractable gate with double solid steel blades in a house covered with decorative bricks. The retractable safety was placed inside the screen so that the client would be able to sleep calmly and securely with open balcony doors without entering any insects at home.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90-10

Folding rails can be placed even in a shop’s window. One such application is that shown at the photo, in this optician’s store where the placement of a two-ply construction of Retractable gates of steel (Type 90) was chosen.
Security rolls were not an option due to the storefront’s limited height and the owner of the shop turned to VIOMETALOUMIN to solve the problem of insuring the shop window.
This two-ply construction has the ability when it opens to “collect” left and right simultaneously rotated 180 degrees freeing up the entire opening of the shop window.
The shop owner found the solution in VIOMETALOUMIN Systems. VIOMETALOUMIN’s top priority is its clients’ absolute security.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90-2

Retractable security gates in a window in a private house.
Installation of a Viometaloumin retractable security system for a window with double steel blades, in a house in Pallini, Attica. The customer opted for the security of the type T-90, consisting of two steel blades of a thickness of 4 mm and double crossed “scissors” of 3 mm. It features stainless steel security lock of two points without an external latch with key of safe box type. In white colour in order to match the façade of the wall.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90-3

Monolayer railing Security in Window.
One-piece security gate in a window. Installation of a one-piece Viometaloumin security gate with double steel blades between the glass window and shutter in a one-family house in the town of Aigio. The owner chose to put the type T-90, between the opening glass window and the shutter opening, so as to be able to sleep peacefully with the windows open during the summer months, when he visits his summer home.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90-4

Folding retractable security door in a shop’s window
The folding frames can even be installed in many types of stores’ windows. Such a use is that of the photograph, where in this particular Opticians’ store, a two-part stainless steel collapsible security gate was chosen (type T-90).
Due to the limited window’s height, it was impossible to put shutters, and the shop’s owner turned to Viometaloumin to solve the problem of securing his store’s window.
This two-ply structure has the ability, when opened, to “shrink” from the right and from the left, while rotating 180º degrees, freeing the entire opening of the store’s window.
The store’s owner found the solution in Viometaloumin, the company where your security is its duty.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90.

Viometaloumin retractable security grille in stairwell upper termination.
Installation at a stairwell upper termination of a Viometaloumin retractable security grille, with double solid steel blades, in a residential building in Paleo Faliro, east of Piraeus. The owner wanted to secure the glass skylight, combining Viometaloumin security bars in the fixed glass windows and a type T-90 Viometaloumin retractable security gate protecting the door.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90.-2

Retractable security gate for a 1st floor balcony door.
Installation from the exterior of a retractable Viometaloumin security door, with steel blades in a balcony door, on the 1st floor of a house in Halandri, north of Athens. The retractable grille was manufactured in two pieces, due to the width of the balcony doors at over 2.5 meters.
The big advantage is that during the summer months, the customer leaves the balcony doors open, with the retractable latches locked and since through the house circulates the air well, it is fresh and cool day and night.

Folding safety with double blades from steel Type-90.-3

Retractable security grilles in a residential window
Installation of a recessed Viometaloumin retractable security grille, with steel blades in an stone house in Ekali, north of Athens. The owner had the foresight to leave, during the building of the house 5 cm space, on the walls of the house, so that the Viometaloumin sliding grilles could penetrate into the wall and become invisible.

Retractable steel security gate for door Type 90

The door of this case was in a detached one-storey house having access to the garden. The frames of the house had external wooden sliding shutters and internal two-piece sliding recessed glasses.
The “jamb’s” space between the wooden shutters and the glasses were 5cm. So the use of a retractable steel gate was the best solution because the width of the frame is no more than 4cm in the steel retractable door.
It was designed as a double leaf construction – without the use of hinges for best rotation – as the existing frame of glasses, so that opening and closing the door by the right and left side it should not hinder the passage.
The width that “folds” the door from both sides is 23% of the frame’s width divided by two (because it is a double leaf).
The choice of colour was the customer’s choice in Ral colour of powder painting in shades of grey.
The customer chose to secure his house with retractable steel gates because they were exposed to the danger of burglary, since this was a one-storey house, he could not enjoy the views of his garden and even could not open the doors to ventilate his residence.
That way there was no need for any special repair or preparation on the existing frame, we put the retractable grille with code type T90 – which is a galvanized steel construction – designed to allow natural ventilation from the right and left releasing the 77% of the width of the frame and providing security and confidence to the client, who made this particular choice.

Grille de sécurité extensible à doubles lamelles d’acier – T 90 sur l’ escalier intérieur d’une maison (entre deux étages)

Grille de sécurité extensible à doubles lamelles d’acier – T 90 sur l’ escalier intérieur d’une maison (entre deux étages)