Main entrance safety bars Type-60

Viometaloumin’s main entrance security bars without skeleton key.
Security bars by Viometaloumin in the main entrance of a house in Pangrati with rotary pins for a direct door opening.

Main entrance safety bars Type-60-2

Security bars on the main entrance.
Viometaloumin’s main entrance security bars without skeleton key. Viometaloumin’s security bars installed behind the main entrance door.

Main entrance safety bars Type-60-3

Dual safety bars T-60 behind the door of a child’s room
Dual T-60 security system by Viometaloumin In order to feel even more security, the owner placed in a simple wooden door, two separate security systems with T-60 bars, up and down, so that he could completely shield the door to a child’s room.

Main entrance safety bars Type-60-4

Type T-60 safety bars behind the elevator door
Security bars T-60 by Viometaloumin behind the elevator door. This original installation was made because the elevator door opened into the living room of the house and the owner feared the case of burglary of the elevator from his garage.

Main entrance safety bars Type-60-5

Security bars for a main entrance door
Viometaloumin Security bars type T-60 behind the main entrance door. The installation was made on a security armoured door, so that if any burglar breaks the door lock, the owners cannot be caught napping or asleep.